Educational Resources

Are Women Human? – Where Christianity and feminism meet: analyzing and creating awareness for gender, sexuality, and marginalization issues that exist within the Church in order to create greater equality.

Bitch Media – Providing you with a feminist response to pop culture events and issues.

Dismantle Misogyny – The title is self-explanatory, but this Facebook page hopes to educate you on the framings of rape culture and institutionalized sexism.

Everyday Feminism – Your daily dose of feminism and how to apply it to your own life.

Feministastic – An introduction to intersectional feminism for non-feminists and all feminists.

Feministing – Written by young feminists solely for young feminists.

The Feminist Wire – Stellar feminist blogs that also features and accepts many guest posts to provide you with the most realistic and diverse insights.

Kimberly Williams, Ph.D – Professional website of the WGST program coordinator and my previous professor.

Ms. Magazine – The magazine that has brought you prime women’s rights journalism since the 70s.

Mount Royal University: Women’s and Gender Studies Facebook – South Calgary’s own WGST program provides you with feminist perspectives on trending articles, as well as information on local events occurring.

Rebel Girls – A specific column from Autostraddle, dedicated to sharing the historic side of feminism, whilst debating today’s current events.

Viral Women – Viewing mainstream media through a lens that focuses on women and global gender rights.

Wrong Kind of Girls – A queer feminist ukulele comedy band, born in Calgary. Bringing you lovely acoustic tunes, while (hilariously) tearing down mainstream perceptions of all things feminism.